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Hollywood Premiere

(June 8,2006)

If you're an astute viewer (and can maybe get a copy and hit pause), you can see my head for a second in the new X-Men III. When Magneto starts to move the bridge, my head swings through the frame. I'm at the wheel of a silver Dodge Stratus. See if you can find me!
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Moved to the big La La!!

(May 24,2006)

Hi there everyone,

I'm so excited to be in the big city of Los Angeles, but I ask you, 'Where are the big buildings!?'. In Chi town we had skyscrapers like the Sears Tower denoting that our city was in fact a city. Well, I hear that LA is where all the action is, so I guess I'll have to trust it, even without skyscrapers...

Los Angeles: It may not be tall, but it sure goes on for a while.