Fred the Actor

Fred was born in the town of Blue, Kentucky. After success in outdoor summer theatre festivals where Fred always played Harlequin in various Commedia Del Arte productions, Fred decided to move to Chicago and develop his skills at a more professional level. Attending DePaul for undergrad and acting in theatre from Shakespeare to Stoppard, Fred blossomed into Fred the Actor. He didn't forget about his comic past however. After receiving an invite from a classmate to play with the Improv Olympic, Fred quickly became an addict. He learned every game and practised his skills in his daily life. During the years after DePaul, Fred toured the country with IO and Comedy Sportz, playing improv games in Topeka, Spokane and countless other American towns. Having heard all his life about people who went to LA to become actors, or rather to become famous, Fred finally felt like he already was and actor, and therefore could go to LA with confidence. He's here now, and ready to take on Hollywood! Does anyone know of a job for him?